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  • EENC
    The EENC has been set up at the initiative of the European Commission Directorate General for Education and Culture. The project comprises a group of high-level experts in the field of cultural policy who provide reports and studies on a range of topics according to requests of the European Commission. The coordination of the network has been entrusted to a consortium led by Interarts and Culture Action Europe following an open call of tender launched in 2010.

  • Culture Action Europe
    Culture Action Europe is a European network of membership organisations, cultural organisations and individuals dedicated to promote culture as a necessary condition for sustainable development both at a local and European scale.

    In today’s interconnected world, culture's power to transform societies is clear. Its diverse manifestations – from our cherished historic monuments and museums to traditional practices and contemporary art forms – enrich our everyday lives in countless ways. Heritage constitutes a source of identity and cohesion for communities disrupted by bewildering change and economic instability. Creativity contributes to building open, inclusive and pluralistic societies. Both heritage and creativity lay the foundations for vibrant, innovative and prosperous knowledge societies.

  • Creative Europe
    Creative Europe is the EU programme for the cultural and creative sectors for the years 2014-2020. The general objectives of Creative Europe are: (a) to safeguard, develop and promote European cultural and linguistic diversity and to promote Europe's cultural heritage; (b) to strengthen the competitiveness of the European cultural and creative sectors, in particular of the audiovisual sector, with a view to promoting smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

  • Music Moves Europe
    Music Moves Europe (MME) is the overarching framework for the European Commission's initiatives and actions in support of the European music sector. Developed from a series of meetings with representatives of the music sector starting in 2015, Music Moves Europe was launched as a strategic initiative by the Commission. It has since developed further as a framework for discussions and today it stands for the EU support for music.

  • European Creative Business Network (ECBN)
    The European Creative Business Network (ECBN) is a unique not for profit foundation, founded in 2011, promoting the interests of the cultural creative industries in Europe. Given the diversity of cultural expressions as well as of cultural and creative markets across Europe, ECBN works – on purposes indirectly and decentralized – by supporting leading agencies, funders and intermediaries on local, regional and/or national level to help them support their cultural and creative entrepreneurs. ECBN is an independent foundation funded by its members fees and in kind contributions.

  • Publication Office of the European Union

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