Cohesion and Well-being

Cohesion and Well-being

The important role that culture, cultural heritage and cultural diversity play in social cohesion and well-being is widely accepted by policymakers, researchers and practitioners. This is based on promoting participation and understanding, by empowering people and increasing their self-confidence. Cross-sectorial cooperation with other sectors can have a significant effect on cohesion and well-being.

The Council Work Plan for Culture 2019-2022 recognises cohesion and well-being as one of its priorities, understood in its meaning to increase awareness in Europe about the value of arts, culture and cultural heritage and its contribution to well-being and quality of life. In this priority area, special attention should be paid to the role of culture at local level, to the quality of architecture and the living environment and to culture-led social innovations contributing to the development of cities and regions at European and national level.

EENC contribution to date

Support to the Open Method of Coordination Working Group of Member States’ experts on “High-quality architecture and built environment for everyone”

In 2021 the Working Group will release a report, including a set of recommendations to address high-quality architecture and built environment for everyone at European and national level.

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